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Teddie Pierce

Managing Founder

What Brought Me Here

I came from Grand Junction, CO to Sonoma County, CA in 1986. My early work involved consulting for a a newly rising class of mid-tier accounting solutions. I performed implementations, designed user training and created custom reporting for nonprofit agencies.

As founder of a local FileMaker development firm, we designed sophisticated custom systems for clients such as Kaiser Health EducationMedtronicEnvironmental Science Associates and Forrell Elsesser. Many of these solutions were designed to support corporate marketing and communication departments. Living in the heart of wine country, we built a robust winery management system that managed point of sale, club management and client communications based on buying preferences.

In 2011, I became employed by the County of Sonoma Community Development Commission managing the HUD CDBG Public Services cycle and data administrator for the the HUD Continuum of Care’s Homeless Management Information System (HMIS).

After attending Stanford Data on Purpose, I saw evolving practices that could be more effective addressing the challenges inherent in our homeless services work. I left Data on Purpose knowing I needed to learn and integrate the formal methods of Innovation to the challenge of impacting homelessness.

In 2016 I went back into private consulting with a focus on CoC HMIS capacity strengthening.  From 2017-2021, I’ve worked with Alameda County, CA Health Care Services Agency as Project Lead for the BitFocus (Clarity) implementation and then as HMIS Integration Manager for the ground-breaking creation of Alameda’s Social Health Information Exchange.

I have served on the Board of the National Human Services Data Consortium since 2015 and am a Certified Administrator for Bonterra Apricot 360, partnering with Health-Roads Digital Transformations on Housing and Homeless software implementations.

Providing Value By

Helping HUD CoC’s approach their work from an educated problem-solving perspective rather than a solo reliance on software. I view things from a broad set of experiences and connected resources in order to help others understand and embrace the creative approach to program design and decision-making.

Favorite Quotes

“The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see”, Winston Churchill

“Fortune Dispenses at Random”, Frank Gallagher, Shameless

Favorite Links