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Sonoma County Continuum of Care – HMIS Administrator, CDBG Grants Manager

Sonoma County Continuum of Care, CA-504 HMIS Administrator for 185+ users and 160+ programs.

From 2011 – 2016, I served as the CoC’s HMIS Administrator, moving the local system to Social Solutions Group, EtO within a six-month timeframe achieving a 100% HUD AHAR data quality passage.

My role encompassed assisting local providers to design innovative reporting approaches for local programming focused on street-level homelessness and encampment identification.  I was primary author for the Coordinated Entry System planning white paper, detailing technology and workflow designs accompanied by metrics frameworks.

I restructured the local Community Development Commission CDBG funding cycle for process and transparency improvements and aligned homeless service providers with the Sonoma Upstream Initiative Performance Indicators. I also revised the CDBG project monitoring approach to be reliant on HMIS reporting to measure service provider performance.

In 2015, I authored an HMIS Expansion grant, one of five awarded nationally in the Continuum of Care funding cycle to design and deliver a stakeholder data literacy curriculum and enhance local stakeholder reporting with advanced customizations.