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Our Process: Allowing You To Focus to What You Do Best

We take care of many details so you can do the work you signed up for—helping humans. By allowing us to manage critical time-limited HMIS-related tasks, you redirect valuable resources to their primary purpose so that you can focus on achieving measurable results on complicated problems. Here's how:


Project Management

Our team of multidisciplinary professionals coordinate all the moving parts required to take your initiatives from the planning stages to full implementation. We provide support to ensure you meet compliance requirements, data standards, and deadlines. Knowing that the unpredictable details are taken care of by seasoned professionals, you can have confidence your decisions have the best chance to move the needle without fear of a process breakdown along the way.



Responsive and clear communication moves the needle on complex problems like homelessness.  We’ve been on teams that value communication (and teams that don’t), so we know that getting projects completed with positive outcomes hinges on how well we execute our role. We believe so strongly in excellent communication that we have our own policies about being responsive and thorough.


Design Thinking, Systems Practice

We’re convinced that the iterative design approach that worked for so many of our database clients—and being promoted by Stanford—can improve the program results we all have in mind. With our guidance, you’ll be on solid ground to embrace the core principles of structured innovation and design practices, opening the possibility to set new standards for other communities to follow.



We thoroughly document our research and processes to help you develop documentation to take care of the many intricacies that require your staff’s time and energy to manage. We utilize version control, naming conventions, categorized storage of native files, and preservation of the important developmental knowledge found in meeting minutes, decision logs, and other technical pieces.


Online Collaboration

Efficient teamwork across organizations means getting things done in less time using fewer resources. Decipher’s adoption of online collaboration increases the effectiveness of group communication, provides a central reference point for the useful exchange of ideas, and keeps projects that rely on collaboration moving down the pipeline with reduced interference and a solid focus.