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Homeless Managment Information Systems: We Lessen the Guesswork

Enhancing HUD-compliant systems to do more than simply “get you by,” Decipher’s comprehensive consulting design is geared to provide a data framework that drives the results in your CoC’s unique campaign against homelessness.


Comprehensive Software Analysis & Procurement

You don’t have to hope for the best when selecting an HMIS. Our background in custom setup can benefit your CoC by helping you articulate local goals and then dig into the functionality of the available products for a best technology match. We’ll help you uncover that unique vision and its accompanying requirements so you can choose a solution your community can have confidence in.


Locally Inspired Data Systems Design

HUD’s data requirements may not provide the robust picture your locality needs to assure progress in its battle against homelessness. Decipher designs data collection systems with the goal of uncovering insights not available through government reporting alone. We help you tailor the data elements to provide the necessary values that demonstrates evidence of progress and potentially identifies new areas of opportunity.


Expedient Implementation

Launching an HMIS can be overwhelming, but Decipher’s project management team coordinates vendors and partners to keep the project on a steady timeline all the way through to an implementation that meets your deadline. Implementing high-magnitude projects, under often-chaotic circumstances, demands clear, consistent communication, which is why we make timely stakeholder updates a priority.


Focused Processes, Smoother Workflows

Whether it be for Coordinated Entry or data management improvement, we look for opportunities to enhance process. We'll analyze workflows, isolate issues, conceive iterations and smooth flows while melding new procedures into existing practices to build ongoing capacity.


Effective Training

Sticky Learning works well for your local HMIS initiative! Designed to capitalize on your staff’s existing expertise, Decipher’s training programs are designed for a variety of stakeholder levels regardless of role. We create training relevant to the jobs of stakeholders and provide them the pragmatic tools and critical skills they need to think critically about how their efforts can improve client outcomes.


HMIS Admin Transition

With so much at stake with your local homeless system infrastructure, a change in Administrators can be a concerning and costly transition. Our team can make the DBA transition as seamless as possible by providing staff with the training, tools, and expertise to confidently take on their new role.


Targeted Reporting and Visualization

Software reporting tools are often conceptually complex products that can actually hinder the ability to be clear about what you’re analyzing. Decipher’s targeted report design approach—combined with helping stakeholders understand what they’re analyzing—will afford an organized information framework your CoC can trust will support good decision-making.  We’re seasoned designers at ART, WEBi, Looker, Power BI, FileMaker, MS Access and can help your community plan around insights afforded via HUD Stella.