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Your Continuum of Care: Aligning Values, Achieving Objectives

Quality data coupled with informed decision making, helps your CoC achieve outcomes, demonstrate accountability, and increase access to further resources.


Impacting the CoC Service Culture

Impactful stories are strong motivators. Trusted, quality data reveals the factual story of your CoC’s efforts, which in turn motivates a culture of action by building unity throughout the stakeholder network. Understanding this benefit empowers all CoC stakeholders to embrace the value of data, find confidence in leading, and confirm levels of competence that inspire and drive the initiatives that make progress.


Policy Development

While HUD standards serve as useful benchmarks, high-quality, relevant data supports the effectiveness of local policies tailored to your community’s service goals. A combined perspective enables your CoC to improve policies, identify counterproductive barriers, and craft a path capable of achieving results.


Data Literacy

Accurate data, well interpreted allows your CoC to identify benchmarks that can be used to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the efforts. Targeted reporting—coupled with effective evaluation —leads to accountability, which in turn increases understanding and cooperation from funders and stakeholders, potentially increasing the ability for programs to achieve impact.


Program Design

Our team collaborates with your CoC to develop programs to achieve measurable outcomes to demonstrate accountability by eliminating uncertainty and confusion.  With an eye on continual program improvement we help you base your knowledge on innovation frameworks that "build, measure and learn".  Our subject matter experts provide support for adaptive program design after implementation. Our flexible, data-informed framework provides CoC's with the direction and confidence you seek locally to make a difference in your local crisis.



Government’s compliance requirements can be cumbersome, where tasks like record-keeping take your professionals away from their priority—the client. Our experts help reduce the compliance burden by strengthening infrastructure and fulfilling funder expectations while maintaining the impact reflected in your data.


Data Support for Funding Applications

While anecdotal accounts of program results have been the typical approach to funding appeals, contemporary practices find funders allocating resources based on evidence. Our tailored approach to reporting will help you support the case by telling the story that attracts funding by presenting facts that demonstrate needs, spotlighting potential gains and delivering outcomes that funders can trust.


Workgroup Facilitation

Enhancing your CoC’s ability to capture insights among service providers, community members, and resource stakeholders—through intelligent workgroup design—coordinates efforts, reduces duplication, and aligns actions to produce better outcomes, ultimately helping persons experiencing homelessness and the community being impacted by the problem.