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About Us

Decipher HMIS - Data Systems Consulting Firm Serving Non-Profit and Government Clients

Our Mission: Decipher HMIS is a consulting group of experts committed to improving the impact of the federally mandated Homeless Management Information System and other non-homeless data systems so that all levels of information provide accurate and reliable support to aid in ending social problems.

Our Vision: We believe service data can be excellent and informative if homeless and other social services have a functional set of resources to utilize within their operating environments. We believe the United States Congress and all other stakeholders should be able to base program design and funding decisions based on reliable, dependable and accurate reporting because providers will have and be supportive of the capacity necessary to improve their data culture.

Our Philosophy: Technology solutions are only truly effective when organizations embrace a robust data culture. Valuing data places the organization in a position to be seen as credible to funders, donors and most importantly to the clients we work hard to help. Credibility drives innovation and helps increase the resources we need to achieve effective results.

Our Commitment: Strong communication leads to transparent business practices. Our team members have all experienced environments where "need to know" practices served as the basis for most communications.  We strive to build Trust and we believe that proactive, responsive communication strengthens the results of our mutual work.

Company Information

Social Service Data Solutions, LLC
dba Decipher HMIS

P.O. Box 390, Windsor, CA 95492

(877) 771-6084 (business and fax)