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Apricot 360 Certified Administrator Providing Implementation and Optimization

Social Solutions Apricot 360 and EtO Implementation and Optimization

Performance Enhancement for CoC's and Homeless Management Information Systems

Process Flows and Efficiency Improvement for HUD Coordinated Entry Systems

Lean Impact and Design Thinking to Support Service Delivery Success

Collaborative Partnerships Providing a 360ΒΊ Level of Expertise


  • HMIS software implementation
  • HMIS Admin capacity building
  • software analysis & procurement
  • locally inspired data systems design
  • targeted training curriculums
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The CoC

  • data for decision support/resource growth
  • data driven compliance/evaluation support
  • process for policy implementation
  • collaborative group facilitation
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The Process

  • project management
  • lean and user-centered design
  • systems thinking
  • workflow/use case design
  • documentation development
  • online collaboration platforms
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Our Partners